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With the summer of 2020 upon us, and COVID 19 continuing to be at risk, we feel that we have received the authority to re open our display, if the appropriate safety measures are applied.

Accordingly, much effort has been invested in meeting the Covid 19 protection measures and the layout began opening to the public August 1st. Now, after several “test” openings, we feel confident that we are in compliance and that appropriate safety measures are in place to protect the public and our volunteers.

Our new hours of operation are in effect and are listed here:

Saturdays Opening at 10:00 am, and closing at 3:00 pm (last public admission is at 2:45)

Sundays Opening at 12:00 noon, and closing at 3:00 pm (last public admission is at 2:45)

As we continue to develop confidence in operations and public acceptance of our measures, operating hours may be changed, subject to suitable notification to volunteers, and changes to the web site will be made.

Sincere thanks to all of our volunteers for being patient with us during these most trying times. Much thought and agony has gone into the decisions and we feel that the best and most timely changes are now in place. We look forward to seeing you at the layout. Please keep in mind, that the organization will only be successful with the participation of our volunteers. Please offer your services, soon and frequently.

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